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Deconstructing the myth of podcasting with no pants for you, finally discussing this often spoken about myth, PLUS it’s our 200th episode! Yeay, us! We celebrate with tiny snippets of our past episodes as well as discussing a myriad of random non-podcasting related things that turn into podcasting related things, which is our zone of genius! Listen up and celebrate with us!

Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • As it turns out, all of us wear pants when we podcast, now pajama-ish clothes is a whole other story
  • Elsie has giant overalls and Jess has asked “Who’s pants are those?”
  • It’s our 200th episode! And it snuck up on Jess!
  • 5:58 Snippet: OMG our very first episode of She Podcasts – with HORRIFIC audio
  • 8:13 Snippet: the most awkward for John and Jess’s favorite ‘bitches,’ and Isaac wanting to crawl back in the womb
  • 10:58 Snippet: the most awkward for Elsie episode when discussing when she passed up an opportunity to be on a panel
  • Oh the most complicated totally paradoxical experience of travel from Elsie and Jess
  • We have discussed conference issues so many different things and we aren’t always on the same page
  • Jess is not cellularly capable of sticking to one thing
  • Why podcasts come and go and what causes the number 1 reason for pod faded according to Elsie
  • A bit of an evolution of why we started She Podcasts and what it became 4 years later
  • An Elsie bit of advice: if you ask for feedback, then you need to talk about the feedback
  • Dissecting text messages sent one after the other or one LARGE text
  • What do you do when you don’t agree about the workflows and tech on how to make your show better
  • When Elsie has leaves on the trees or there is rain, you can forget about connecting!
  • We finally get to the email that we got about the whole text message stuff!
  • Jess vs Elsie and John about dings, gulp
  • 40:36 TEXT EXPANDER our lovely sponsor is often our salvation! You can nest your snippets!
  • Amazing coverage for the Spotify’s Bootcamp winners on Elle!
  • 50:43 Tom Tate and the one day virtual summit
  • You have almost no time to do sign up to work with us! Geez!
  • Evelyn’s feedback to us about paying for our FB Group
  • 56:23 Laura Petersen’s Table for Three! Six ways podcasters can leverage psychology and more!
  • Oh goodness what to wear for our pictures! And how to pose for shots
  • Do you want your head shots done? We’ve got the best person!
  • 1:04:50 Janice Chaka’s awesome virtual session on how introversion and podcasting can go hand and hand!
  • Elsie shares about her panel for Podcast Movement
  • Jess shares about her panel
  • You only have one more week to send us your voice feedback!

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