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Podcasting School for Women

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She Podcasts Info

The vision for She Podcasts is to support and nurture as many female-lead podcasts as possible, and to encourage knowledge sharing without excessive promotion. Through the podcast, group coaching, workshops, webinars, and other educational materials, Elsie and Jessica hope to grow the number of successful woman-hosted podcasts, thereby giving light and voice to the millions of messages that need to be shared with the world.

Not only are Jess and Elsie extremely nice people, they’re also some of the smartest women I know. I’m so happy I did Podcasting School For Women and can’t recommend it highly enough. Jess and Elsie are fantastic teachers and mentors, and they have created an outstanding course to help anyone get started podcasting. I had thought about doing it all on my own, but I am so glad I did PSFW instead. It has been invaluable in so many ways. Not only did it help me to actually hurry up and get my podcast started, the ongoing support and camaraderie has been a vital part of keeping my podcast going and getting even more joy out of it.
Heather Ash
These ladies are witty and funny and share so much information in the She Podcast School. I have to admit I was skeptical to learn on my own but the monthly live calls put it all together for me. I was scared to dive into podcasting but with their detailed guidance and videos I had the courage to launch my first podcast Yes! I did it.
Batool Merali
Joining PSW was exactly what I needed to get my podcast from idea to execution. The course material was so helpful, especially with the technology portion which can be very intimidating. Having Jessica and the other students for support was priceless.
Anne S. Meador
As soon as I heard about this podcasting course, I just knew this was something I needed to pursue, and I’m so glad I jumped in. Being part of her program and connecting with other budding women podcasters has been amazing. I feel confident because I know I had exactly the information and support structure I need for every step along the way.
Amy Scott
I had no idea where to start, I just knew that I was inspired to get in on the podcasting fun. This course was simple, walked me through all the important details, led to a successful launch and started what I believe will be a life-long obsession! I’m forever grateful for Podcasting School for Women.
Julie Foucht