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What happens when Jessica has no sleep for four days that feel like a month? Well, y’all are in for a treat. Surprisingly, we do get in some conversation about podcasting. Pretty phenomenal.

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Behind the scenes
  • Elsie is not home and Jessica is in a hotel
  • Why we feel like it’s Christmas morning
  • Oh my…hotel stories about putting people to sleep and other things 😳
  • The best podcasting advice from Aaron Menhke, we report on it like only She Podcasts can
    • Pay for hosting, bitches
    • Get a website, bitches
    • Remove the friction for people to subscribe to your shows, bitches
    • Earn your own audience, bitches
    • Don’t sell your ads in your first year, bitches
    • Everything is a story, bitches
    • Planning and preparation FTW, bitches
    • Don’t less tiny tools distract you from the work, bitches
    • Be original, bitches
    • Be consistent, bitches
  • People have a super hard time understanding the value of podcast hosts and what they can do for you
  • Jessica’s Pet Peeve
    • Um…lying about your stats
    • Being a giant d-bag to tons of people all around you
    • Jess gets real about how podcast advertising works and goes off on douche bags
    • For some reason when podcasters talk about their stats they suddenly become #alternativefacts
    • “Nobody likes a filthy liar, the end”
  • Weird and Wild Show of The Week
    • Suspect Convictions

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