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Show 056 Quick-Guide

  • Do you do impressions? The most random opening ever.
  • Reading out loud and the books we love.
  • Libsyn’s new WP plug-in is released into the wild!
  • We’ve got some female empowerment stuff going down in Cannes – and Serial is all that 🙂
  • What if you wanna be a serious podcast producer – like for hire – and get paid – we’ve got a rate card to share with you guys.
  • Sponsor break-time! Jess tells the story of how she used Bossjock to record her grandmother’s conversation
    • Bossjock is an iOS app that we love and use (and they are our sponsor for the She Podcasts Podcast Movement full day workshop!)
  • Elsie tells the story of the amazing opportunity to be in a panel with the podcasting big guns and why she isn’t doing it.
  • Jessica grills Elsie as to WHY SHE CAN’T CHANGE HER PLANE TICKET!
  • Listen to one of the most candid conversations about parenting, family, career, fear, entitlement and making hard decisions.


All right ladies and gents, send us your celebrity impressions. Give them up. Jessica wants them!

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Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!


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