What is She Podcasts?

We are your podcasting village.

She Podcasts is a community that helps women and non-binary podcasters through every step of their podcast journey. We offer support through a free Facebook group, a paid online membership, in-person events, and our podcast.

Latest podcast episodes

279 3 Second Delay

The one and only Skye Pillsbury, a confessed podcast junkie, joins the show today! And she shares why she’s leaving Inside Podcasting. We talk about …

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278 I Didn’t Know Your Voice Did That

We talk about merch from the She Podcasts store! Happy birthday to Karly! August’s Podfest Global Summit and how amazing it’s going to be, Elsie …

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277 Crue Trime

Get the scoop on our new She Podcasts Store! Plus all the fun we have planned for the Super Squad, we are super excited! We …

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276 Elsie’s Letterman Jacket

Podthon is happening this weekend! And you NEED to buy a ticket. If you do not buy a ticket, Elsie will be very mad at …

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