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About Us


It was obvious we needed each other.

Jessica started her podcast to see if she could grow her online business. Someone invited her on a podcast and instantly she was hooked. She wanted to be a guest on more, but when she took a look at business shows, she found that they were a lot of “young, white dudes interviewing other young, white dudes.” Exasperated, she started her first podcast and instantly gravitated to other women who were also podcasting then. 

After attending a conference, she started a Facebook group called “Women Who Podcast” and added the other amazing women podcasters she spent time with, including Elsie Escobar. Little did she know that Elsie was a podcasting veteran who knew TONS of women who wanted to join the group, and she had been thinking about starting a women's podcasting group. 

To make a long story short, Elsie had some amazing ideas, Jess was great at helping them come to life. Together they are dedicated to helping women overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way in order to be able to express themselves, specifically through the medium of podcasting. 

We believe...

  • In leading with integrity
  • In providing a space where women lift each other up
  • In respectful debate
  • In inclusion and diversity
  • In being mindful of our carbon footprint
  • That Every. Voice. Matters.

Jessica Kupferman

Marketing and sales expert with a history of being both the devil's advocate and the first person to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Find Jessica On:

Twitter: @jesskupferman
Instagram: @jesskupferman

About Us

Elsie Escobar

Die-hard podcast junkie who lives, breathes and works the medium, and has since 2006. Incredible rule-follower. Sweet on the outside, salty on the inside.

Find Elsie On:

Twitter: @theelsieescobar
Instagram: @theelsieescobar