288 Learn To Google

This is the second time that we are recording episode 288 – YAY TECHNOLOGY. And the trauma and frustration of podcast recording. UGH. Spotify news, grants for podcasters, Google Podcasts Manager complexity, and don’t start a new podcasting thing without doing some research first! Google it. THE SHE PODCASTS SUPER SQUAD: SIGN UP PRODUCE YOUR …

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281 Creating Anti-Racist Podcast Spaces 101

Jess is on vacation and Elsie shares a session from the Podfest Global Summit, created in collaboration with WOC Podcasters called Creating Anti-Racist Podcast Spaces featuring Madeline Wright and Tangia Renee. This is just the beginning of the work. We look forward to furthering the conversation! Send us your feedback, email feedback@shepodcasts.com! We can’t wait …

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280 World’s Record for Most Podcasting Mistakes In An Episode

This is an INTENTIONAL TRAINWRECK recorded at the historical Podfest Global Summit! Welcome to She Podcasts On Fire… just kidding, don’t name your show “On Fire.” Also, make sure you are close enough to the microphone, and you aren’t looking at your emails. We give loads of podcasting tips and address ALL of the mistakes …

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279 3 Second Delay

The one and only Skye Pillsbury, a confessed podcast junkie, joins the show today! And she shares why she’s leaving Inside Podcasting. We talk about the podcasting/entrepreneurship combination, and why Skye is looking for more freedom, then moving into the news, including loads of Spotify updates, True Crime drama, and Patreon vs. Owen Benjamin. Have …

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277 Crue Trime

Get the scoop on our new She Podcasts Store! Plus all the fun we have planned for the Super Squad, we are super excited! We then dive right into Apple’s podcast and Apple Podcasts news, The Google Podcast Creator Program and Spotify’s Sound Up UK edition, and a passionate discussion on what Leo Laporte’s concern …

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275 Dude

Guys, dude, gendered language, and independence day. We have follow-ups about Mueller, She Wrote, and we continue to dive into a complex discussion on IP, owning your back catalogue, contracts, ownership and all kinds of other stuff that the growing podcasting industry now has to deal with. And of course, we finish off talking about …

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