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She Podcasts Episode 379: Black Tie Wedding and Creating for Joy

Black Tie Wedding and Creating for Joy

J&E reminisced about the food they ate in college. Jess went to a wedding – she’s an enthusiastic dancer. 💃 November 4 is National Fountain Pen Day and Elsie celebrates! 🖋️ 😂 Reminiscing about college food, Jess is an enthusiastic dancer 💃, Elsie celebrates National Fountain Pen Day🖋️ 😂, platform holiday support hours, creating for joy and what …

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5 Hidden Canva Tricks To Level Up Your Podcast Graphics

5 Hidden Canva Tricks To Level Up Your Podcast Graphics

Canva introduced their biggest update in 10 years this week. In honor of their big reveal, I thought I’d offer some design tips and tricks that are commonly overlooked in this amazing, and free, design software. These overlooked capabilities in Canva are going to be the difference between your graphics looking amateur and professional. It …

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Conference Culture:

Conference Culture:

Who creates it? This week, I watched as Ben Shapiro, a conservative podcaster and business owner, appeared at Podcast Movement and made both left-wing liberals and right-wing conservatives furious at the creators of the event. People complained that his mere presence was offensive as well as his company, The Daily Wire. He is well known …

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5 Easy Ways to Make Money Podcasting

What is a Podcast?

What is a podcast? A podcast is a digital media file, typically audio or video, that can be downloaded from the Internet and played on a computer or portable media player. Podcasts are usually episodic, with new installments released on a regular schedule. Podcasts are different than radio in a few key ways. First, podcasts …

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027 A Podcast Intervention and Conversion Rates

Coaching for Fundraisers

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