Last fall in Arizona, I swore I'd change She Podcasts LIVE to be spring of 2023. It felt right. Elsie and I felt good vibes about Spring.

Then, we got so much enthusiasm and amazing feedback from last year's Arizona event, our team and I wondered if perhaps waiting was a mistake, that people wanted it sooner. At that same time, we found a gorgeous hotel with available fall dates. I fell in love with the MGM. We changed to fall.

That….was a mistake. For whatever reason, these dates weren't working for most of you. I'm sure there are a ton of reasons, personal, financial, professional.

We recognize and are so deeply grateful for the speakers, sponsors, and ticket holders, who were dedicated to support, teach and attend even in the current social climate, and we are humbled by their generosity.

But if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

She Podcasts Live has new dates: to June 19-22, 2023, at the same location of MGM National Harbor in Washington D.C.

Tickets, for now, are on hold. We want to redesign how we sell attendance and sponsorship. We want to add some exciting new features.

Most of all, we want – no we NEED – you to come.

Our mission has always been to support underrepresented voices. Recent data shows that 70% of podcasters are white men. That means 7/10 people who listen are being educated and/or entertained by white men.

As I've said, I truly don't mind white men and in fact I created 2 for the world to enjoy with my own DNA. Even so, that stat means that OUR STORIES are not being heard as they should – and ESPECIALLY women of color and LGBTQIA.

This community is strong. These members are powerful. You are brilliant, supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic, passionate, proud.

Based on the rate at which we add members and the activity of the group and conversations, it's clear you need each other.

That's why I created the event. You, the members, asked for it. I, the arrogant, thought “Well, I've had 2 weddings and 2 bar mitzvahs. How hard could it be?”

The answer: pretty fucking hard.

800 of you came the first year. It was a triumph. Then, we had a pandemic. And we are all still recovering.

This is the year that everyone who successfully avoided covid for 2 years got covid. Myself included. (IN FACT, half my staff has it RIGHT NOW.) The event, understandably, was in jeopardy. Moving it to spring makes sense to me.

Without risking our lives, I believe we need to reconvene. I believe that spring of 2023 will be a time when we can comfortably live knowing that covid isn't going away and perhaps know better how to protect ourselves and one another from catching it. I believe we need to learn to successfully phase out our fear and phase in the Time of Knowing What The Hell To Do.

I truly hope so. The event we are going to plan for June will be extraordinary, but it will mean nothing without YOU, the expert, the business genius, the storyteller, the coach, the mathematician, the parent podcaster, the editor/producer/sound designer, the ex-broadcaster, the PR whiz, the comedian, the healer. We need EACH ONE OF YOU.

And personally, I can't wait to meet you all.

I'd also like to acknowledge here my team, Melissa Hetherington Belfiore who is my right arm and has agonized with me over every single detail of this event AND our membership for almost a year, Margie Parker Lamparillo who tirelessly meets and presents to potential event sponsors and is as enthusiastic about their participation as I am, Jack Daniel Woods who has worked all year to design a gorgeous stage and expo center, which will now be shown off in June, and of course Jennifer Falik Rains and her staff who have collaborated, brainstormed, planned and run meetups, and most recently ran our booth in Dallas, along with Amy Consiglio who somehow has the ability to phrase the things I'm trying to say (not this message tho lol) and who hopped on a plane to help in Dallas with no notice. They make event planning fun even when facing the inevitable. We've spent a year on this event and what you see in June will be because of these people by my side.

Please let me know any questions!

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