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Jess if off and yet we go on! Liz Covart from Ben Franklin’s World was kind enough to join Elsie for an incredibly thought provoking conversation about the history of radio and how that affects (or doesn’t) what we are building in podcasting. We also talk about other fun things which include Kim Kardashian discovering podcasts, Elsie’s goats being back home and what’s so special about our new She Podcasts Super Squad!

Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • Elsie has a guest on the show! Say hello to Liz Covart from Ben Franklin’s World!
  • Feedback about Productivity from Karen
  • The goats are home! And they are a lot more goatie
  • Even with goats there still needs to be mowing of the lawn and they will for sure become #podgoats
  • 10:19 a bit about our fabulous sponsor TextExpander! And some workflow that Liz has using it
  • 12:07 NEWS
  • Kim Kardashian West just found podcasts and she’s been listening to Serial!
  • Diving deep into why the Kardashians should not have a podcast, and it’s not what you think
  • Why sometimes your established brand can get in the way if you want to choose to do something different
  • What we are doing to enhance our Patreon and offer more value to the community!
  • Elsie’s inspiration for what possible fun things Jess and Elsie can do for the She Podcasts Super Squad
  • Patreon supporter number 58 is Liz Covart!
  • No, radio HAS influenced podcasters and Liz shares how that question fueled her
  • Did radio begin from the a sense of freedom?
  • Liz let’s us know all about the birth of radio and where it came from
  • Geeking out on details of how radio came to be
  • The first radio music station was in Pittsburgh’s KDKA!
  • What funded those very first radio stations to keep going
  • What could have radio been
  • Brief WNYC history
  • How much was the listener culture created by the content? Or was the content created by the culture?
  • A bit of history of Amos ‘n’ Andy
  • And then advertising came into the mix
  • The roots of radio step from the regional system, folks hoped that it would be a great unifier
  • Elsie again shares her bandwidth woes and how that affects accessibility
  • If you want Liz to come back and chat about the history of radio and how we can create the medium that we want

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