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What happened when Elsie went to Jess’s house? Was she judgy? What in the world did she think about all the things being so close she doesn’t have to take out her computer to work in the car? And Wegmans! OMG. We do end up talking about podcasting: advertising money, conservative nut-jobs being kicked out of places, microphone webinars, ATR–2100 tips and a bonus mini-conversation with Mark Asqwith about Poductivity!

Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • A whispering intro and jack-hammers
  • Elsie wants you to buy the Podcast Movement virtual ticket!
  • The new Patreon stuff! Plus our new Patreons!
  • The lo-down of Elsie at Jess’s house!
  • Talking about coffee
  • Jess wants to know how much Elsie judged all the things that she has in her house
  • It really is about space and how we all have to manage the space we have and the stuff that we accumulate
  • Funny Elsie story from Jess: she is ready to work while she takes a 5 minute trip
  • The heavenly hilarious story all about Wegmans – Elsie didn’t even have to go to Whole Foods.
  • Isaac! In the tent! With Elsie. So fun. So cute
  • 31:10 NEWS
  • Midroll/Scrips shares some pretty substantial gains in revenue from advertising – woah
  • 34:00 Interview/conversation with the mysterious Mark Asquith
  • Elsie shares her thoughts about Mark’s strategy and how listening to him share about why he did what he did changed her mind
  • Our reputations are always going to be on the line when we collaborate and partnerships
  • A mention of what’s going down with the conservative nut-job being kicked out of all the places
  • 57:37 TOOL TIPS
  • Shure is having a microphone webinar! Good for your Shure!
  • John shares some interesting insight into the ATR–2100 as a handheld mic

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