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Talk about a spicy, heated, emotional conversation this time around! We move from perceived podcast cheating by Elsie, to a fiery discussion about Day Without A Woman, to candid conversation about race, fired up opinions about Missing Richard Simmons and finally must not be missed advice for new podcasters and their misguided expectations.

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • The wrong word, says Elsie, again.
  • Jess schools us on Venus being in retrograde and how it’s affecting our hearts, people! Is the band breaking up?
  • Elsie doesn’t get the Simon and Garfunkel reference
  • The feeling when your podcast partner is cheating on you in public
  • Feedback
    • We got great feedback from the Officer Bires episode!
    • Harris tells us about why numbering your podcasts is good
  • News: sponsored by Happiness Mama
    • A Day Without A Woman and International Woman’s Day, it gets heated people
    • And a race conversation
    • TryPod is still going on peeps!
  • Tool Tips: sponsored by Cast.Plus
    • The Podcasters’ Roundtable about podcasting To-Go!
  • Weird and Wild Show of The Week: sponsored by Podcast Websites
    • The Honestly Lisa Promo!
    • Touching base on Missing Richard Simmons and Elsie makes a prediction, plus it’s not all good peeps
    • Let’s talk ethics about Missing Richard Simmons
  • Jessica’s Pet Peeves: sponsored by Team Podcast
    • Stop pitching THIS SHOW to be interviewed on! We don’t interview people
    • You guys, stop asking if you can make money podcasting before you have even launched and other dorkiness

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