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We are back.

In these next two weeks, we’ll be sharing episodes we recorded on the last week of December.

Touching back.

And moving forward.


Show 125 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Some catch up around the Christmas + Hanukkah goings on
  • Green sparkly nails all around
  • Facebook is now offering live audio streaming and of COURSE we have to weigh in on it
  • Is Facebook Live Audio gonna be like how we decided to use Snapchat for like 2 minutes?
  • Our producer pops in to give us the scoop on how we (Jess and I) could have 2 peeps on FB Live Audio #speculation
  • What went down in 2006 for the ladies, random remembrance

The Best of 2016


  • Live one on one sessions with ShePs. That was awesome!
  • We re-branded this year. Pretty
  • We shifted to using Trello (streak with gmail)
  • The Group is HUGE! Best thing ever
  • John and his commitment to the sound of our show – he’s invested in how we sound and taking us up show-wise
  • Being featured on Entrepreneur and Forbes #goodtimes
  • Being accepted to Werk It even though I couldn’t go 🙂 But Jess did!
  • Celebrating our 100th episode!!! We had a super fantastic show takeover! Dave and John!!!!
  • We got to record face to face!!!! That was awesome!!! (possibly my favorite episode we recorded)
  • We created a total of 46 episodes this year


  • Public Radio rants were a thing…. 83, 84, 85, 92, 93 (will discuss the NeimanLab article by Eric Nuzum)
  • Branded Podcasts were totally a thing
  • Sponsorship getting ‘mainstream discussion’ with tons of proper ‘data’ – IAB guidelines, a lot more focus from Edison on providing demographics and statistics
  • Work/life balance, friendship, support, the constant conversation…80, 96, 102, 105
  • Losing your job because of podcasting or being fired from your podcast (hardcore truths)
  • My favorite episode this year was Goats and Death. I laughed SO VERY HARD 119
  • New apps trying to solve the discovery problem


  • Remember Snapchat? LOL. It was fun for like a minute…
  • Pokemon Go was also part of my life for a second


  • New house! With central AC and central heating! A couch
  • The girls are independent
  • Proper homeschooling support and schedule
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Clones…..Orphan Black obsession
  • Still….no wifi


  • The shmoo in school
  • Emily away – but sober
  • Scott was sick then got better then got sick again
  • New business!
  • New clients, new agency!
    • Everything else took a backseat.
  • Asked to partner with networks!
  • Asked to speak at BlogHer!
  • Asked to speak at SMMW!
  • 8–10 speaking gigs this year!
  • Asked to do Podfest!
  • Asked to do other events in NY!
  • Having agency helpers

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