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This is was a hard one to record. We recorded Wednesday November 9 at 11am! Man oh man was there emotion!

We start off with some absolutely necessary laughter therapy. It involves goats, selfies, laundry, cheese crackers and coated tylenol. For those of suffering from PTSD after “The Election” the first 15 minutes of this podcast will get your through the week! #guaranteed

And then, because you know, we gotta keep it real, we dive into what in the world happens when a podcaster dies! AND how Facebook is just screwing up our democracy…?

Y’all need to listen and let us know if Elsie should have taken a selfie with the goat!

Show 119 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Music that needs to play at the inauguration, thanks to Jess’s Facebook friends
  • The funny Elsie story: a play by play by Jess #priceless
    • And then Starsky and Hutch come into play
    • Elsie shares the emergency goat story
    • “Why are you wanting to take a picture while you’re getting your bum rammed by a goat!”
    • A split screen of the Elsie and Jess Show after naming all the different two named women shows ever, or at least that we remember
  • We have talked about the women in podcasting directory before!
  • PODFUSION! Ya’ll totally need to come. Not exaggerating.
  • Let’s have a lovely discussion about what happens when podcasters die
  • We also discuss what would happen to She Podcasts if one of us died! We totally go there
  • In what way in Facebook harming our democracy?
  • Is Facebook a media company or not?
  • You guys need to check on what you each have as your top trending stories vs others to figure out if you get different ones

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