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Show 086 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Hello possible new listeners from Podfest!
  • Jessica’s desires for her new headshots
  • How to get Elsie to attend a conference – planning ahead of time
  • Podcasting News Segment
    • Dave Jackson has joined the Libsyn support team!
    • Elsie was featured on NEXTPittsburgh in a super killer article about women in podcasting
  • Who won the #AudioOnDemandersUnite $50 Amazon Gift Card? SO FUN!
  • Y’all need to check out the #AudioOnDemandersUnite hashtag
  • Rob Greenlee gave us the most incredible feedback EVER – a whole episode!
  • We are called ‘fresh and targeted’ in our podcast about podcasting
  • All we want is Public Radio podcasters to recognize we are IN THE ROOM, not to tell us how awesome we are or to even hang out with us!
  • Everyone measures differently, and all we want is to come to an agreement
  • Audio feedback from Steve Stewart all about splitting the PROcasters and us, plain ’ol podcasters
  • Elsie will only want to work for public radio if it was as a liaison for podcasting
  • Derek from over at The Comics Alternative has something to say about the divide between Public Radio and the indie podcasters
  • Jessica has been growing our twitter and OMG it’s wreaking havoc for Elsie
  • Automatic DMs are not good for social media community managers
  • An Elsie rant all about automatic DMs. She’s not happy
  • Jessica explains what her twitter strategy using Manage Flittr
  • We give voice to other opinions about automatic DMs from other podcasters
  • When you address your audience’s direct needs with DMs on twitter aka what DOES work
  • Automatic DMs smell of desperation, think before you do it!
  • And they are like a Tupperware Party, and you know what those are like!
  • How do you make your podcast DM’s about your audience and not yourself?

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