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Show 070 Quick-Guide

  • OMGosh! We are Blabbing for the first time!!!
  • Elsie continues with her Downton Abbey obsession and workflow
  • Up Yours! Downstairs. The podcast Elsie chose and why she loves it
  • Should there be a statute of limitations on talking about spoilers?
  • A bit of a conversation about Breaking Bad and the color schemes. Who knew?
  • Bandwidth caps stops mountain people from binge watching
  • The power of evergreen pop-culture content
  • What do you do when you are covering a TV Show and it goes on haitus?
  • Oh, the darkness of social media
  • There’s curation of the external and the internal
  • How public should we be via social media?
  • Does everyone need to know how hot you look in your grannie panties?
  • Social Media has become the new neighborhood
  • Be more deliberate about YOUR choices, not what somebody else is doing
  • The Elso-meter is created by Jess
  • Elsie prediction: there is going to be a more movement toward privacy and not being connected
  • Jess treats her phone like a bad dog
  • Social Media accentuates both our gifts and our faults
  • Elsie says ‘grow up,’ Jess says ‘relax’
  • Jessica nails how best to request support, and it involves chocolate

Feedback request!

Are any of you Up Yours! Downstairs listeners?

What do you guys think? Is there a movement toward privacy an disconnection from social media?

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