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A Message from Izabella Russel from New Media Europe!


  • Podcasting and motherhood, just for She Podcast!
  • Cutting things down into smaller chunks is totally a thing, and it works!
  • When you can’t deal OUTSOURCE
  • Start outsourcing ONE thing…you know…that ONE thing you cannot stand to do
  • Izabella has some killer interview tips to get your skills sharp!
  • The way to make it all work is to have a lovely balance of tasks and duties with your partner
  • Work life balance: rethink what you do and why it’s important
  • Why New Media Europe (NME) was started
  • People can do what they love and they deserve to do what they want
  • Core value: helping people do what they are meant to do!
  • A bit of re-cap from Elsie on Izabella 19:40

Krystal and Elsie diving deep into backing up your podcast and more!


  • Elsie is geeking out on nerdy things, so she brought Krystal on!
  • An Elsie segment: what do you have in your bag?
    • REI shoulder bag: gray with blue flowers
    • A phone, iPad, charger and extra cable (lightning adapter)
  • Geeking out on the iPad Pro! And Elsie is j.e.l.l.y.
  • You can totally edit your entire podcast from an iPad Pro and it’s ridiculously awesome
  • Does Krystal keep her iPad Pro naked?
  • Elsie hacks, she doubles everything up in every bag
  • A bit of a detour on writing apps, note taking and the like
  • Computer/data back up – sync and full system back-up
    • Online
    • Offline
    • Tools and services
    • Making sure your stuff is truly backed up
    • VERIFICATION is important to do as well!
  • Podcast data back-up
    • What to do with your podcast episodes?
    • What we need to keep, the answer will surprise you!
    • Some great best practices for what to do with your files
    • Download all of your podcast files
    • KEEP all of your final podcast episodes
    • Don’t expect someone else to do it FOR YOU
  • Podcast workflow back-up – that’s totally a thing! You know when your computer randomly shuts off?
  • The absolute essential that you must have to back your stuff up
    • Don’t record into your computer, and you get to hear why

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