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Hotlines and Phallic Symbolism

Hotlines and Phallic Symbolism

We are award winners! 🎉 🏆, podcasters are buying millions of listeners, new podcasts from the Home Edit and a soap opera (!?), Tink’s Podcast Hotline and more.

We are award winners! 🎉 🏆 We have won the 2022 People’s Choice Podcast Award for Podcast Influencer of the Year**! 🎤** 🥳

Bedcasting – you should try it! 🛏️ 😂

Podcasters are Buying Millions of Listeners with Mobile Ads – we have thoughts.

“The Home Edit” Founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin Get Real With New Original Podcast, Best Friend Energy

Popular soap opera, The Young and the Restless, has launched a podcast! 🧼 😮

Tink Media on Twitter: Hello? Podcasts? Are you there? If you ever wanted a hotline where you could hear podcast recommendations and leave some of your own, then today’s the day your dreams come true. Introducing ☎️ Tink’s Podcast Hotline. ☎️

Twitter Spaces for Elsie

November 16 at 4pm ET, Elsie will be doing a follow up Twitter Space to get everyone back together for the Multilingual Podcasters Meet-up.

We are collaborating with Marco Arment from Overcast . He has committed to continuing to feature podcasts led by people of marginalized genders. And we are thrilled. All women and non-binary folks please fill out this SUPER EASY FORM! DO IT NOW.

She Podcasts thanks our Sponsors!

My Podcast Biz

WAY TO CONNECT! Elsie (and occasionally Jess) will be texting you directly! – Sign up here! 302–240–3425, text yes or my.community.com/shepodcasts

Send us your feedback, email feedback@shepodcasts.com! We can’t wait to hear from you!



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Founded in 2014 by Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman, She Podcasts was created to support women and non-binary podcasters on their podcasting journey. Through the podcast, group coaching, workshops, webinars, and other educational materials, Elsie and Jessica hope to grow the number of successful woman-hosted podcasts, thereby giving light and voice to the millions of messages that need to be shared with the world.

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