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Slippers and Sequins

Discussing the She Podcasts’ NEW awards program: The Sonic Bloom Awards, Jess recaps her experience at Podfest and finishes off by sharing nuanced insights about attending podcasting conferences! She Podcasts and KaSa Media are excited to announce a new awards program – The Sonic Bloom Awards! Our goal is to recognize incredible podcasting projects created …

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Jess and Elsie’s Crystal Ball

Podcast exclusivity is becoming outdated, Twitter bans third-party clients, tech development for the elderly, Elsie’s tool tips and more! This just in from Variety – Podcast Exclusivity Is Quickly Becoming an Outdated Strategy. Twitter officially bans third-party clients with new developer rules. Elsie’s Tool Tips Threado – the command center for community builders. Build a …

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Dr. Escobar, MD

Join Jess and Elsie as they look ahead to 2023 and set some goals. She Podcasts LIVE! (June 19 – 23, 2023) tickets are back on sale! We’ve added a few different ticket options and you can also reserve your hotel room. Check it out here! Tell us about yourselves! We’ve partnered with @thepodcasthost to …

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A Look Back at 2022

Join Jess and Elsie as they take a look back at 2022 and discuss their accomplishments and lessons learned. Elsie discusses “Elsie by the numbers” and Jess discusses the year’s lessons in this year’s wrap up show. She Podcasts LIVE! (June 19 – 23, 2023) tickets are back on sale! We’ve added a few different …

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She Podcasts Episode 380: NaPodPoMo & Web3

NaPodPoMo & Web3

Guest co-host Jennifer Navarrete joins Elsie and they discuss NaPodPoMo, Zealous, Flowjin, Web3 and more! Guest co-host Jennifer Navarrete (@epodcaster) joined us today! With over 17 years of podcasting under her belt she truly is an OG! ⭐ Elsie and Jennifer discuss the early days of podcasting. Jennifer founded National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) in 2007. …

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Jess’s recap of the Afros and Audio Podcast Festival, E&J are grunchy, a healthy discussion about the new Women in the Workplace study and more! Jess had an amazing time at Afros and Audio Podcast Festival over the weekend, but she couldn’t post about it because she was in FB jail. 😡 She suggests you go …

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Yes, We Covered It

Yes, We Covered It

The slow demise of Gimlet, nominate yourself for the Discover Pods Awards, Elsie LOVES Snipd and more! J&E talk about what they’re watching on TV these days. 📺 Discover Pods Awards nominations are open through November 5 at 5pm PT. Feel free to nominate your own podcast and campaign on your behalf with your audience. …

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Social Incognito

Social Incognito

We’re innovators! Are you shocked? Jess is annoyed with Twitter and does an Elsie interview on some best practices. Then they discuss the metaverse, coloring books for podcasters and more! ALSO! We were featured in the article Podcast Innovators Disrupting Industry Norms where author Carrie Caulfield Arick says “Innovators are successfully and uniquely serving their …

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No, Podcasting Is Not Radio

No, Podcasting Is Not Radio

Special guest host Arielle Nissenblatt, Serial is back, is podcasting just radio now, shout out to Black Podcast Award winners and it’s International Podcast Day! 🎤 Special guest host Arielle Nissenblatt (@arithisandthat)! Arielle is the community manager at squadcast.fm, the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective and co-host of the Sounds Profitable podcast! It’s International Podcast …

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The Postponement

The Postponement

Jess and Elsie discuss what was behind the decision to postpone She Podcasts LIVE! 2022. Jess and Elsie discuss what was behind the decision to postpone She Podcasts LIVE! 2022. Ticket sales were off. Was the time of the year a factor? They also discussed how much event space and food and beverage cost. Is …

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Conference Culture

Conference Culture

PM22, Conference Culture, the Multilingual Podcasters Meetup, a tool tip from Elsie and more! Jess and Elsie discuss all things PM22. Jess wrote a piece on conference culture and who creates it as well as SPL sponsorship and how they decide who to accept. Read it here. The Multilingual Podcasters Meetup is happening on Sept …

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#NoSpend for upcoming conference wardrobe, Black Podcasting Awards, Tool Tips from Elsie and more! Elsie and Jess discuss repurposing their wardrobe for upcoming conferences including SPL22! #NoSpend Black Podcasting Awards is a celebration of the ownership and creation of content for the Black experience in the world of podcasting. Through a curated list of categories, …

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