332 Goats and Reels

We got another goat story! This time it involves electric fence, scissors and Elsie’s newly minted teenager makes an appearance! iPhone 13 mini debrief, Jess’s workflow for creating reels, Elsie’s workflow for creating a networking event and should we do OOTD for SPL? 😏 Have you added your show onto Amazon Music? You are missing …

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329 The Nitty Gritty of Building A Podcast Network with Stephen Hackett from Relay FM

A special co-host! Stephen Hackett! Co-founder of Relay FM and host of several shows on the network. KEY THING: Get to know about the Podcastathon, and Relay’s relationship with St. Jude. Stephen dives deep into the nuts and bolts of running a podcast network, including his workflow, management systems, and when they started hiring employees. …

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328 Maggot Mayhem

Our very first grossness disclaimer thanks to Elsie 😱 Airline tickets are cheap and our room block is selling out, get your #SPL21 tickets, then, male comedians and their “chumocracy,” the spacial audio for Clubhouse 🤨 Shout-out to Matriarch Digital Media and then the grossest story in the history of She Podcasts. You’ve been warned. …

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321 Disney Analogies

Jennifer, the She Podcasts Live Event Coordinator, joins us as guest!  Jen shares all the details about how beautiful and unique the She Podcast’s Live experience will be. Plus, N’Jeri Eaton leaving Apple Podcasts, iHeart launching a mentoring initiative program, The Story Seeds Podcast Mini-Camp, and fun tool tips! Looking to get an amazing podcast …

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319 Jessica Melts Down

Covering the Call Her Daddy 60 million deal with Spotify, Facebook podcasts, live Audio Rooms, and new FB Group Admin tools. Then it’s Spotify buying Podz and launching Greenroom. Lastly, so much emotion about Elsie rushing and why social media is driving Jess bonkers. Nominate a podcast! We love the International Women’s Podcast Awards https://www.shepodcasts.com/awards …

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