5 weeks until She Podcasts Live!!! Breaking down a bit of the Friday schedule for #SPL19. Jess tackles an amazing array of questions ranging from growing your audience through paid advertising to the many reasons why you should quit your show, or how to know if it’s time to quit – when is enough is enough? Behind the scenes of how relationships shift and change…essentially podcasting is like dating.

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Episode Recap: length 37:44

  • OMGosh we only have 5 more weeks until #ShePodcastsLive!
  • Elsie shares a bit from the Friday schedule for the conference and it’s insanely
  • 7:19 Q&A with Jess
  • 8:03 Growing a show’s audience when you release a whole season at once
  • 9:36 Do you always feel like you’ve been run over by a truck after a live podcast?
  • 10:30 How do you know when you should end your show?
  • 17:25 How Elsie and Jess’s relationship has changed in the process of planning #ShePodcastsLive (behind the scenes insight planning an event)
  • 19:36 Podcasts is like dating “everyone is entitled to just end it.”
  • 26:15 Growing your audience during the summer
  • 32:15 Jess (on the call) checks on the Spotify ad that she ran for #ShePodcastsLive


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