The AMAZING Kristen Meinzer co-hosts this episode with Elsie and they dive straight into the Netflix podcasting strategy, how mixing medium can render amazing creativity in podcasting, and a massively wise and must-listen conversation centered around Kristen’s book So You Wanna Start A Podcast, plus wrapping it up with an cool app that Elsie has been playing with PLUS guess who is the opening keynote at She Podcasts Live!?

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Episode Recap: length 55:25

  • Co-host time! It’s the amazing Kristen Meinzer!
  • 2:49 NEWS!
  • Discussing the Netflix podcasting strategy and they are not wanting to be the Netflix of podcasting
  • How Elsie listened to the Always Be My Maybe director’s cut episode without watching the movie
  • Kristen did research on Ally Wong’s glasses! Because oh my gosh, so cute!
  • The whole mixing up the mediums for inspiration to create incredible podcasts is Kristen’s jam!
  • How do you market your podcast? And discussing how for branded shows, the podcasts ARE part of the marketing department
  • People’s stories are the most powerful way to strengthen our society
  • 23:50 All about Kristen’s book So You Wanna Start A Podcast
  • Because you know, all the same questions kept coming up over and over again!
  • “We all have questions, I wanna help you answer them” – Kristen
  • And her belief that every everybody’s voice is a gift and that everybody has a story ♥
  • Let’s celebrate the idea that it’s accessible and less scary! And the importance of diverse voices
  • You guys! She also has an audiobook that goes along with it!
  • Kristen wanted the book to be the easiest book to read possible, with clear organizing principles to help you get it – with 7 very clear steps
  • 30:13 This whole part (not breaking it down) is GOOOOOOOOOLLLLDDDDDDDDDD. Y’all must listen to Kristen!
  • “If you can’t sell it to an audience, you can’t sell it to an advertiser either.” – Kristen
  • Elsie and Jess started with an idea and then evolved into what She Podcasts is today, and it continues to evolve
  • Shout-out to editors and producers that are magic makers!
  • 46:48 TOOL TIPS
  • Forecast
  • 50:28 She Podcasts Live Update
  • Kristen Meinzer is going to be our opening keynote! She is going to be aaaaaamazing!!!!!
  • OMGOSH Kristen is launching another show called We Love You, And So Can You


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