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Show 089 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • What Elsie misses the most about teaching yoga
  • Seasons change…and it’s time to figure out what you’re planting!
  • Jess and the press release for National Women’s Month!
  • Some more delicious talk about Natalie’s awesome mastermind
  • Giving The Infinite Dial the She Podcasts business
  • Why are there still less women listening to podcasts? Jess has a great answer
  • Surprise data, Elsie’s podcast listening habits have changed a lot
  • Goodness gracious! People are still listening to podcasts on their computer?
  • Facebook is so powerful in social media
  • But guess who beat Facebook in a very important demographic? Snapchat peeps!
  • We dive deeper into trends about social media usage and why Elsie is so psyched about Snapchat
  • Why Kim Kardashian is doing Snapchat WRONG
  • Pay attention to your audience rather than making decisions based on suggestions
  • Why Jessica spends on Spotify or Pandora and she’s confused
  • Dave Jackson sent us some feedback!!!
  • We start with the half-assery side of things and exactly what that means
  • What does it really mean to be present
  • And what makes a mindfulness practice break down
  • The phone…needs to go
  • Elsie is doing Cate’s Yogidetox!
  • It’s time to break patterns and compulsions are you all in?

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