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Do you guys know the difference between neck gaiters, dickies, infinity scarves and scarves? Well, the first 7 minutes of the show will clarify all things neck accoutrements but then, we are give you MUST KNOW INFORMATION about Google Play Music, Google Podcasts, why your podcast isn’t immediately updating in Apple Podcasts and Zig Zag!

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Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • Green Uggs are out and what Elsie considers to be cold
  • A special link to Super Squad members ONLY and it involves a pink and hairy scarf thingy
  • Dickies, infinity scarves and gaiters, say hello to “Later Gaiter!”
  • 8:35 NEWS
  • DC Podfest everyone! Attend! Use the code SHEPOD
  • John does not want to ride to DC Podfest with Jess
  • Lots of love and thank you to peeps that left She Podcast reviews on our Facebook Page!
  • You cannot join She Podcasts if you have a joint Facebook Profile with your male or male identifying partner/spouse
  • Do we want our spouses around us when we are doing our doing business thing?
  • Google Play Music is NOT Google Podcasts, they are different
  • Tell your audience to subscribe and listen to your show using Google Podcasts, not Google Play Music
  • Google Play Music will be phased out and it will DISAPPEAR, make sure that you prepare your audience!
  • Elsie wants the functionality to share podcast episode playlists, who’s gonna step up?
  • 34:37 TOOL TIPS
  • When you publish an episode and it does not IMMEDIATELY show up in Apple Podcasts there is nothing wrong
  • The Apple Podcasts storefront does NOT update right away
  • And we get podcasting frustrations off our chests about podcasters
  • Top tips for mental health to podcasters: 1. subscribe to your show 2. validate your feed. If all is well with those two, then all is well with your show
  • Our biggest podcast blunders!!!! How about it podcasters? Send yours in!!!!!
  • Zig Zag! Sooooo great!

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