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We only had about two and a half minutes of banter! Y’all that’s a record. We HAD to dive into the discussion all about Apple Podcasts charts being manipulated and worthless. Guess who has a new job? Hear all about Jess being Head of Marketing over at Podcast Websites! And we round off our discussion by addressing what to do with your podcast when you have something life-changing happen in your life

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Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • Fastest banter EVER! Elsie is giving it a go again at the library
  • 2:24 NEWS!
  • You guys, a wealth of articles are telling us that the Apple Podcasts charts are worthless, tun tun TUN
  • You should have stopped measuring yourself by these charts a long time ago!
  • These charts aren’t a reflection of general value
  • Stop using these charts as validation people! Not sure how else to say that
  • The way that we search for one thing is the way that we search for everything
  • The part that is newsworthy is that Apple Podcasts isn’t doing much about it, nor do they care to – and its their prerogative
  • WE value the charts. WE have given them power
  • There’s a new head of marketing for Podcast Websites! It’s Jessica! And what she’s doing over there
  • Elsie is trying to set the scene, delicately about what to do with your podcast when you have an impactful life change
  • When something happens in your life, what do you do with your podcast?
  • Create a plan to come back
  • It’s really hard to break up with a show
  • Are you ready to let go of an identity that no longer serves you? Elsie did and it was hard!
  • Who are you? Are you having an identity crisis? Should you keep doing the show?
  • Have you gone through a transition? Share it with us! Send us some feedback! feedback@shepodcasts.com
  • 51:16 TOOL TIPS
  • Time Buddy App for your smartphone
  • The Dirty John trailer is out!

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