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What happens when you’re recording in a public setting and get kicked out in the middle of it? You keep on recording and of course talk about Apple Podcasts because goodness gracious there was a lot to talk about Apple. And Spotify. And we get into the discussion most podcasters are constantly asking about, how do you measure success? Downloads? John thinks so, Elsie & Jess disagree. What do YOU think?

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Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • How in the world did Jess used to do an interview show? We can barely schedule when WE can record
  • How Elsie got up at 6 am and she didn’t need to
  • And now we have Isaac going to dance class!
  • If you want The E-League, you need to apply TODAY. Doors close in 5 days! Fridays, October 12!
  • 12:40 NEWS
  • Chatting about all things iTunes feed tags, because it’s their birthday
  • Authoring best practices discussed because we had to, of course
  • Should you switch from MP3 to AAC? Elsie’s co-host Rob answers your question
  • John has some things to say loudness
  • We are interrupted by the Lego Land Club (THIS, HILARIOUS)
  • Spotify has opened the floodgates
  • Elsie is back and shares the sad, sad data of folks listening to the self destructing episode on Spotify
  • Oh man, folks need to focus on other things other than downloads
  • Jess shares that the standardization of download numbers is not for all the podcasters
  • So how DO YOU measure success? A heated discussion about downloads to measure success, or not
  • 51:40 TOOL TIPS
  • #Podtober challenge by the WOC Podcasters community!
  • Jess is into Sticky
  • Jess criticizes Elsie’s Bitmoji and then we go off on noses
  • Women podcasters in solidarity! Such an awesome initiative

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