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Elsie is recording at the public library! One of the most jammed packed news heavy, straight to the point shows that we’ve had in a long time! Woah. Buzzfeed, audioBoom, Vox Media, Instagram, cops using podcasting to catch a fugitive and course a lot more!

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Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • New sponsor! And Elsie is recording in a new space – the library 😌
  • Jess went to a super mini-workshop with some super star powerhouses!
  • And how Elsie doesn’t remember people because #introvertproblems
  • Jess does not want to stay in NY city because: no space, broken things, old stuff and feeling dirty
  • Oh, no! Jess wants food that sticks to the ribs, yo, not rabbit food
  • 13:05 TextExpander! We love it!
  • 15:24 NEWS
  • Buzzfeed cuts their whole podcast team!
  • Guess what folks, podcasting is not going to make you millions of dollars
  • Audioboom has a billboard! And other interesting ways to market your podcast! Will they work 🤔
  • SiriusXM acquired Pandora, how about them apples!
  • John is officially an old man and he needs something like podcasts on SiriusXM
  • Vox Media expands, so it’s not all destruction
  • IG founders going bye bye because Facebook is putting their nose in it too much
  • 31:21 WEIRD AND WILD
  • Karen and Ellen Letters! (via Daniel)
  • Some cops are trying to catch a criminal via podcast
  • If you’ve been wanting to do The E-League apply STAT! It begins October 15
  • What happened for International Podcast Day? Elsie lost her past and present
  • Women Podcasters in Solidarity

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