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206 Beach, Bugs and Twitter Deaths

206 Beach, Bugs and Twitter Deaths

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From failed beach vacations to gross bugs to candy and of course podcasting: podcast producers, Elsie’s new hardware set-up, women’s networks, Dr. Death, Plan and Jess’s Twitter debacle.

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Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • Catching up with Jess on the vacation that was not really a vacation
  • Bugs, ugh
  • Candy, yum
  • 8:16 NEWS
  • All right folks, what is a podcast producer?
  • Can a VA do what an audio editor does?
  • Breaking down what an audio producer does
  • John gives us a much needed tip on how to align audio tracks
  • Elsie’s new set-up and why she’s using it
  • 3 women are launching a new women’s network!
  • What does it mean? Why does it matter? Bottom line, more women at the executive level
  • Dr. Death GAH!
  • 36:19 TOOL TIPS
  • Plann
  • And what is Jess doing in Instagram
  • Jess’s complete Twitter catastrophe in real time
  • John gives us the scoop on Twitter shadow banning, and Elsie didn’t know it was a thing
  • The scoop on the She Podcasts Supersquad!

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