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Guess who is back to not being connected? We catch up on coming home after a long time away, allergic reactions to bug bites, new podcasting networks, new podcasting mergers and we reveal the exact plan that we had when we started She Podcasts!

Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • Elsie is back in her unconnected home!
  • A bit of what’s up with Elsie’s homeschooling schedule
  • Catching up on all things Jess and Isaac’s gigantic bug bites
  • Back to Podkite and adding Chartable into the mix!
  • Elsie shares some thoughts about the top podcasting hosting sites
  • Apple Podcasts ranking talk in the weeds
  • 14:30 NEWS
  • My Favorite Murder is starting a network!
  • Is a network valuable to grow your audience?
  • Our audience growth would be soooo much more with a dedicated PR person
  • PRX and PRI are merging!
  • Why Elsie talks about mission so much when it comes to podcasting
  • Jess, shares that we stuck it out because we had zero expectations
  • The more you try to force it to be the answer to all your problems the less its going to be that
  • You guys, the coolest infographic ever
  • Put your ducks in a row with Apple Podcasts
  • What podcasters have to share with broadcasters
  • 40:32 TOOL TIPS
  • Alitu! John is going to give it a whirl! And he gives us his opinion on why this type of program is important

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