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The Elsie and Jess lowdown on Podcast Movement, like only they can bring it, sprinkles with John’s first experience at the event! We do address why there wasn’t an episode like we said there was going to be and of course other random podcasting related discussions. Do let us know your thoughts! Especially if you attending #PM18

Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Elsie is not feeling well, and goodness gracious she had no time at all
  • Jess fills us in on what she did with her time of not being the crazy busy that Elsie was and she fills us in on what she’s been up to!
  • Elsie apologizes to our listeners for not having a show, because there was a show but simply no time for her to post it 😥 #ExcusesExcuses
  • And then John takes responsibility! What???
  • Note to self, next year, we will not produce a show during Podcast Movement week!
  • John shares how it felt like it was Oz
  • Elsie’s intention this year to level up, and she did it!
  • Also, John left the house and he hung out in the booth all by himself!
  • We LOVED having a booth!
  • Some of the favorites from Podcast Movement and OMG the story of what it took for Jess to NOT sweat! #NoAirConditioning
  • Get the Virtual Ticket people!
  • And you can get the slides from Jess’s presentation at the Podcast Success Academy
  • Jess went to parties, Elsie did not
  • 38:20 TextExpander and how it can help you follow up after an awesome conference experience #sponsor
  • What exactly is a producer? We all have different ideas. What do you guys think?
  • So what’s up with International Podcast Month? Have you heard of it?
  • OMG such a huge fail…we totally don’t know what RPG is!
  • The coolest tool for creating video for IGTV of your podcast

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