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Man, Elsie is sad because one her goats is not doing well (super sad face emoji) but alas, the show does go on! You'll hear the story of how Jess and Elsie have been working together with peeps and why they have chosen to work in such an intimate way in Philly, some incredible feedback about Game of Thrones podcasts, the latest podcasting news from WWDC 2018 and so much more!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Jessica is sounding oh so sexy, because… Electro-voice RE320 is amazing!
  • Elsie and the goats, she's sad because one of them got sick! Urinary Calculi, people!
  • “Being a goat Mom is not easy” – who said that? 😆
  • If anyone listening has a goat Jess will send you a special something – SERIOUSLY – you guys – if you have a goat email
  • 11:55 Danny Ozment gives us the scoop all about DAWs
  • Use simple words people! Now we know DAW, and dongle is not a good word
  • Random topic: Elsie and Jess chat about managing their email and not having sucky #fails
  • 20:28 all about working LIVE with Elsie and Jess! And how it all came about
  • Going down Podcast Movement memory lane – history of working with Elsie and Jess
  • WHY they decided to BE together doing it. You can learn what you can work on but sadly, most never take action
  • This is customized for you!
  • Our early bird price is going up sooooooon!
  • 33:05 Weird and Wild Show of The Week
  • 33:50 Stacy's awesome Game of Thrones podcasts!
  • People listen to your content in seasons, you cannot expect everyone to ALWAYS listen
  • Jess scooped Elsie! According to TechCrunch Apple Podcasts now hosts 550k active shows!
  • Elsie called Jess Hunter! OMG, and no she doesn't want to parent her 😨
  • WWDC 2018 just went down! And we found out that the Apple Podcast App will work on Apple Watch
  • Jess thinks it's useless, and now we ask YOU to let us know if it IS useless for listening to podcasts
  • FaceTime can now have up to 32 people! This could help some podcasters
  • Apple called out Facebook, ha!
  • Apple is looking to get you off the phone!
  • Jess switched using Teachable to MemberVault and so many people have been asking her WHY
  • Jess is having panic attacks about Podcast Movement!

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