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What happens when melted butter seeps into your MacBook’s keyboard? In this episode, we find out! As well as GDPR, Amy Schumer making the big bucks in podcasting, love love love for all the new Academy of Podcaster Hall of Fame inductees, an in-depth discussion of how awesome Castro 3 is, and the TV Show that Elsie and Jess considered doing a podcast about!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Jess got butter on her keyboard and she’s in the ‘dragon’s lair’ the ‘podcast dungeon’ #goodtimes
  • John needs to spruce up the recording studio, She Podcasts style
  • Elsie is going through even worst connectivity because of massive rains in North Carolina and the insane amount of people that go to NC for the summer
  • And no she doesn’t have goats in the kitchen
  • 9:28 Danny tells us what podcasting in the box is!
  • 12:54 NEWS
  • A quick touching base on the whole GDPR information from Libsyn, so you can reference!
  • You guys! Amy Schumer got a MILLION DOLLARS from Spotify, to podcast!
  • You guys, you can advertise on Spotify! How about that?
  • The new Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame class for 2018 was announced!
  • Elsie loving on Chemda from Keith and The Girl! She’s the queen of podcasting
  • Dave Jackson love
  • Elsie’s favorite Hall of Fame inductee is Fr. Roderick! She loves him so much!!!!! And why
  • More gushing, this time for Grant Baccioco! Yes! The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd!
  • Jess doesn’t have a way to play a CD in her house!
  • How old does your kid need to be in order for them to sit and listen to a podcast?
  • And wrapping up the HOF inductees
  • The Academy Hall of Fame Inductee ceremony is going to be like the Golden Globes! Go to Podcast Movement and use code shep!!!!!
  • Elsie had a rant but now she doesn’t want to rant
  • 40:57 Tool Tips: brought to you by Text Expander!
  • Elsie has new happiness! Castro 3. She LOVES it. (Castro is for listening to podcasts!)
  • She goes off for a long time talking about this app
  • 54:16 Weird and Wild Show of The Week
  • Jess shares how Elsie has been reading the Game of Thrones books
  • And Game of Microphones imploded. Yikes
  • The ladies consider doing another podcast! This time about a TV show! Requiem. That’s our weird and wild show of the week this time

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