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No Jess! But a STAR guest! Say hello to co-host ✨Michelle Y. Talbert✨. She came in and brought wisdom and truth to: remembering Adnan Sayed and Serial, HBO’s got the story now, discussing another article chatting about podcast advertising (we all know how Elsie loves that,) touching base on Spotify’s Boot Camp and #WomenOfColorPodcastToo, how Michelle stays focused on her conversation as a thought leader, and Michelle asks Elsie what it takes to run a large community as a white passing latina, sensitivities, blind spots, you know all the juicy stuff.

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Michelle loves her Y! As she should – meet her, like only Elsie can intro her!
  • What Michelle means to Elsie and her grace in bringing conversations forward
  • 8:10 Emerald City Productions with Danny telling us to make sure we check out preferences!
  • We’ve got problems when you’re guest sounds better than you 😱
  • 11:13 NEWS
  • HBO and Sky are teaming up to provide the other side of the Serial podcast story with The Case Against Adnan Syed! Woah!
  • It’s all about the power of the story and the power of audio to really connect with people
  • The ethics of bringing a story forward, which in turn brings up a lot of pain and sorrow for other people
  • When bringing wrongs forward again does matter (history that needs to be shared)
  • A conversation around the dismissiveness of what’s happened before from the perspective of those that want to sell you ads
  • You can get people’s back catalogue, so, what’s the question?
  • (CORRECTION – Elsie mentiones Spotify 10% of the app market, that is incorrect, they are currently at 6%)
  • Usurping the instincts of the hosts with advertising data, Michelle brings it home with this amazing thought
  • Touching base on the Spotify’s Boot Camp and #WomenOfColorPodcastToo
  • If all 18 thousand women of color listened to each other we’d have an amazing audience!
  • There is a level of responsibility to move outside of the usual suspects in marketing to folks that are the audience that would most
  • How do you find shows that you love? We need to be addressing THAT
  • Elsie asks Michelle – how do you manage your time as a thought leader?
  • How Michelle sifts through all the crap and what being a left nostril specialist
  • .#LeftNostrilSpecialistForLife 👊🏽
  • Michelle calls Elsie out on her wishy washy-ness – these issues are not about NOW
  • Michelle ask Elsie how do you seamlessly straddle the intersectionality of being a woman AND a woman of color who serves an audience of predominantly white women? How do you deal with sensitivities or where they or you/other WOC may have blind spots
  • Hard conversations, navigating, de-escalating, truth, race

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