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We leap into a heady discussion of how technology affects our every day life and what that means for podcasters, then swiftly transition into OMG Jess is doing her first stand-up! And yes, we discuss audio quality, Skype recording, monitoring offensive language, Zach Braff at NAB and so much more!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Why Elsie is having butterflies in her stomach
  • Building online communities that align with you and what you want to do while keeping your own agency
  • Apply for The E-League! It closes in 5 days!
  • Media is affecting our culture people, and Elsie can’t stop talking about it, and she’s serious
  • And Jess was writing jokes because she HAS to
  • How about fighting via text, how do you feel about that?
  • How technology becomes a mindless part of our lives
  • “People don’t know when they suck!”
  • 26:22 Emerald City Productions Ad: warm up the conversation and mic technique “The goldilocks zone” and “headroom”
  • Clothing makes noise!
  • Discussion of gain and when you’re too hot
  • Diving into the ATR 2100 and when it doesn’t really work so well
  • “MONE-toring yourself” – Jess can’t hear herself!
  • Jess is doing her VERY FIRST STAND UP!
  • OMG John has a bunch of Elsie laughs
  • The biggest fear is, is Jess gonna piss herself off when she’s onstage?
  • Jessica has a new name, and all the names that didn’t make it
  • 47:56 NEWS
  • Skype is adding a recording feature just for content creators!
  • And Skype is prohibited “offensive language”
  • What exactly is “offensive language” and why Skype might not do the recording thing as well as we would want
  • The Facebook dude testified in front of Congress
  • We have a responsibility as creators, we are impacting humanity!
  • Podcaster’s are not marketing their content ‘right’
  • 1:04:59 Have you gotten your ticket for Podcast Movement?
  • Zach Braff was at NAB
  • Seeing White series! Congrats on the Peabody Award Nomination!

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