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You know how all that Facebook privacy breech et all happened? Jess and Elsie go deeply into the discussion as Elsie wants to step away from the platform, for sure. We also break down exactly what’s up with the new Twitter rules for automation and duplicate content. This is a jammed packed episode of mighty important podcasting conversations.

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • IRL friends that understand what you do is SUPER important
  • Country rat and city rat conversation
  • Elsie is totally an introvert, and she figures out how much of one she is #introvertproblems
  • “That’s you! You’re Fionna the baby hippo!”
  • 9:03 SPONSORED TIP! Set up your gear correctly and then stop messing with it, dude, stop it. Danny has your back!
  • Danny inspires a whole conversations about being behind on the updates and what updating (or not) means for podcasters
  • 14:55 NEWS
  • Elsie is deeply considering an exodus out of Facebook
  • You know that data breach involving Facebook? Well, we discuss
  • Jess says being in a relationship with Facebook is like being in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend
  • Passive, lean back consumption, that’s what Elsie is over
  • We MUST be vigilant for our attention and FB is designed to take you away
  • And even beyond that, Facebook is doing the whole Patreon thing
  • Don’t be surprised if Facebook ends up buying Patreon
  • Elsie’s favorite IG stories to watch from the Agrawal twins
  • 55:53 Podcast Movement Sponsor! You won’t know the power of attending a live event can help you break habits and find new ways of thinking
  • 58:13 TOOL TIPS
  • No more automation and the use of multiple accounts and same kind of content
  • Jess shares how she’s going to automate some of our marketing and it blows John’s mind

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