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It’s Elsie’s Tax time and she’s stressed. We get an awesome audio tip from Danny, go off on Facebook’s decline via data from The Infinite Dial, start a conversation about Instagram and podcasters and a really neat tool called Shush. Let us know what you think! Remember, we LOVE feedback!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Elsie and her tax process and why it’s always so stressful
  • Jess doesn’t understand, she thinks Elsie is making things so much more difficult than she needs to
  • Elsie’s daughter made ‘art’ from her Podfest receipts 🙄
  • “Well why don’t you just” and Elsie’s answer
  • “Unless you are ready to say yes, it doesn’t matter how simple the solution, it’s not gonna happen” – Elsie
  • Accountability and a system matters
  • 12:49 Tip from Danny from Emerald City! (bonus you hear from Tina Conroy!)
  • John reveals his trick for getting at least 5 seconds of silence from
  • 18:29 NEWS
  • The Infinite Dial 2018 came out TL;DR it’s the same, but a tiny bit more
  • Facebook is losing! And Jess shares why she thinks people are running away from FB
  • Instagram complaints
  • How Elsie uses Instagram to expand and learn
  • Who is using Instagram in a great way? Elsie loves Super Mamas
  • Who is not doing so well in Instagram?
  • 32:20 Yeay! Podcast Movement!
  • Someone asked their audience to leave a one star review on someone else’s podcast and 30 THOUSAND one star reviews later…! Gulp
  • Remember when those podcasters were leaving one star reviews on their competitors podcasts?
  • Your audience is powerful use that power for good
  • 44:01 TOOL TIPS
  • Because Elsie has the crappiest set up in the world she reveals how they are recording this episode
  • Also, the problem she has with this set-up
  • Check out the external mute button that Elsie found! It’s called Shhhhh

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