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Why Jess has committed her non-athletic self to doing a 5k for a very important cause and Elsie cries 😭 We go way deep into Anchor 3.0 and why it’s awesome and why it could use some work. The convo then expands into why Soundcloud is so prevalent with millennials especially PoC and finally cap it off with deep insights about podcast advertising tripling last year!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Jessica stepping out of her comfort zone! A 5k, designing funny podcasting memes and a possible European trip
  • The scoop on Jess taking on a 5k in support for Attack Addiction
  • John blows our hearts open with his support and Elsie starts crying
  • John swiftly changes the subject on to Elsie’s audio being all weird and why it was all weird
  • A bit of history about Anchor
  • Connect to Apple Music? 🤔
  • John has been testing Anchor, because that’s what he does, straight from bed mind you
  • What CAN you do with Anchor to enhance the experience of your podcast?
  • What? Anchor submits your podcast to Apple Connect for you and you have no access to your Apple Podcasts stats? Woah
  • What happens to that podcaster that starts in the easiest place to start and then needs to grown and expand and the platform doesn’t grown with them?
  • Elsie reminisces about engaging in the Audioboo community back in the day
  • Millennials are gravitating to use platforms that already exist within their own ecosystem, classic podcast hosts have no place in their lives
  • Why Soundcloud seems to be used by more PoCs: because it’s accessible and because of the music
  • Millions of dollars coming in to grow super cool looking brands and what’s the business plan?
  • What Relay.FM is doing with Anchor
  • What Elsie feels about what ‘the hub’ for the podcast is
  • Advertising talk, yo! From Australia! Because ad spend has TRIPLED in size!
  • Jess spills some advertising numbers
  • Why advertising is working in podcasting
  • Oh, and then there’s the charging your guest model in podcasting 🙄
  • 54:50 TOOLS TIPS
    • The coolest app to cut up your longer videos into 15 second videos!
    • Some IG tips from Elsie

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