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I mean. The title. Any guesses? 😏 See if you can figure it out. We cover: Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018, thoughts about PME19, the nuttiest monetization panel ever, the Dave Jackson roast (Jess is a superstar) and so much more!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Voice recovery and why Elsie ended up recording in the bathroom
  • Elsie shares her super thankfulness for our amazing editor/producer John Bukenas
  • John is SOOOO much more than an audio editor – he's the Spanx of She Podcasts
  • We need to have more John and Jen episodes!
  • Elsie and Jess were so crazy busy at Podfest
  • Elsie covered Podfest for Libsyn for the very first time
  • Does anyone know how to download the LIVE stream from Instagram?
  • OMG Elsie turns into Max Headroom!!!!!
  • Revealing our thoughts about Podfest starting with the hotel/motel
  • Why the conference part was so cool!
  • Constructive feedback about how exhausting being on the show floor was 😱
  • What are some things that could have been better, because of all the things
  • “Chris Krimitsos has a huuuuuuge bonus” 😳 and why we love him so much!
  • Elsie did actually get sunshine ☀️
  • When Jess lost her hair because of the sweat!
  • Update on the whole Wondery update ads stuff
  • Jess did a proper roast! Dude. The. Pressure.
  • Why experiencing a roast was the best way to decompress after a conference
  • Jess taps into a part of herself that she'd forgotten about
  • Jess got chased by torches and pitchforks from a panel, experienced a real life example of our every day experience in male dominated FB Groups
  • Podcast advertising is the clitoris of podcasting: nobody understands it and nobody knows where it's at 😂
  • Jess now has the new name of her Podcast Movement session
  • The play by play of the craziest podcasting monetization panel ever
  • Elsie met Jess' Dad ☺️
  • Sharing about our buddy Danny Pena's podcast documentary on Twitch!
  • Elsie's started to do Facebook LIVES in the She Podcasts Group!

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