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This is a all about podcasting editing with John Bukenas and Jen Edds! You get a deep dive into the minds of audio (podcast) editors from nuns to disk jockeys from efficiency to Minestrone, from how much to expect to pay to where in the world you can learn to edit and LUFS 😳 Not to be missed!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • An intro from Elsie, OMG we have guests!!!!
  • John gets to know Jen Edds! Nun’s were the path into podcasting! #NunsAreTheGateway
  • You become an amazing editor because you’re a horrible podcasters
  • Is audio editing hard?
  • Podcast editing is like Minestrone!
  • What does Jen use to edit?
  • How immersing yourself into learning to speak a new language is the same as learning to edit 😳
  • You guys! YouTube! Use it!
  • What does Jen do when she gets her files from a client? It starts with a template
  • Isotope 🤔
  • You CAN have cheese steak for breakfast when you got to Podcast Movement 😁
  • What does John do when he gets his files from a client?
  • Audio editing is like makeup #genius 😂 too much can make you look like a clown
  • Sharing insight on when you need an editor or not? Jen says where do you want to spend your time and what’s your budget?
  • Even if you outsource your editing, take the time to learn the basics of audio editing to better communicate with your editor
  • Learning to editing it happens in baby steps
  • “The flavor packet is the shownotes” that’s a bit of John genius
  • Jen’s workflow on doing National Podcast Month where she posted an episode for 30 days!
  • You can always pull a rip-cord in podcasting
  • Making your podcast your playground helps you to get better and helps audio consultants advice clients
  • Jen’s story about the most fun she had recording a podcast
  • Recording in a car is not so bad!
  • Jen brings the conversation to LUFS
  • Some super cool information that is all about audio education
  • John peels back the curtain in how he edits the LUFS out of the show 😅
  • Jen drops some killer audio resources!

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