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This is a therapy episode, might as well let you know ahead of time. It’s all personal for at least half the time. We’re lucky we get to talk podcasting AT ALL, but we do! Elsie shares how happy she is over the amazing addition of a new Society, Culture and Advocacy track at Podcast Movement, as well as some words about Pandora stepping into podcasting looking to solve podcasting problems.

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Yeay! Happy Birthday, Jess!
  • Is it time to start being vague about our age?
  • Do YOU feel your age? Really people, we want to know
  • Jess, Elsie and John discuss that ONE birthday that hits you the hardest
  • The massive shift in Elsie’s life when she decided to do something about it
  • Jess’s story of when she was done in her first marriage
  • Will this year be Jess’s best year ever?
  • Having the best year that you can given your circumstances at any give moment
  • How do we take care of ourselves and stay enthusiastic about our life?
  • Elsie shares about Katie and Enthusiasm Enthusiast and the amazing series with Dr. Sherry from She-ology
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  • 29:46 NEWS
    • There’s a new track at Podcast Movement! Society, Culture and Advocacy!!!
    • Some examples of amazing ways in which podcasters have been impacting the world, like Andrea Klunder from The Creative Impostor
    • John has a really great idea about being able to create a session about the absolute minimum you need to podcast
    • Elsie shares her idea of doing something like Operation Warmth for podcasters!
    • Pandora says that they want to help podcasters monetize. Hmmmmmmmm.
    • How Jess might have done the same thing as Pandora, she gets it
    • Yacht Rock Radio!
    • I Shake My Head
    • John shares how social media and word of mouth can grow your audience!
  • You guys!!!! We’re gonna be at Podfest in Orlando!!!!!

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