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The behind the scenes of the baby goats’ birth and going through the drive-thru with a toddler. For the podcasting portion of the episode chatting about Gimlet Media, Apple new content but then we go off on the biggest issue with podcasters focusing ALL of their time on creating content. So much ranting. But good ranting. For the good of ALL podcasters 🙄

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Goat lady, Elsie!
  • Elsie shares the goats’ birth story 😍 Bucky and Pine!
  • Jess hopes Elsie’s goats don’t turn out to be like toddler Isaac “keep going, Mom!”
  • The UPS man came to the house and guess what Elsie’s goats did??? Dude
  • 17:00 NEWS brought to you by Podcast Movement, Philadelphia: use coupon code shep!!!
    • Apple’s new show is based on a podcast, how cool is that?
    • Moving on to Gimlet making big moves hiring a CMO!
    • WHY HASN’T ELSIE WATCHED SCRUBS??? Jess tries to convince her to do so
    • Libsyn acquired a web host
    • Going into why preloading media players on websites are simply just evil and totally skewing your stats
    • It’s on the compounded exposure to a product of service within podcasts that makes podcast advertising work – not for one offs
    • Why podcasters fail by focusing in on their content and not on anything related to growth
    • You need have an easy way to have someone contact you: from iTunes/Apple Podcasts or from your website. People, please
    • Elsie clarifies WHERE to update this information
    • Some insight as to where to search for key words and subject matter in podcasts
  • 1:07:28 TOOL TIPS
    • Emoji’s are built into the Mac! Control + Cmd + Spacebar!
  • Ya’ll! PODFEST! Come and hang out!!!

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