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Just in time for the last week’s of holiday shopping 🎁 some creative and unique ideas for the (she) podcaster in your life! 🎄 And guess what? There is not ONE microphone, or piece of audio hardware in the mix. This is a gift guide like only She Podcasts can create 🎅 Let us know if you get any of the coolness below!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • We were confused about our own gift guide
  • The best gifts for podcasters is pretty much always the same
  • Elsie and John feel that one way about Christmas presents and Jess has other ideas
  • And Auphonic is a good Christmas gift!
  • An adorable dazzle dazzle benie! We all need our head to sparkle
  • Three little bits of sugar FTW! Sugarfina!
  • Sevenly is such a wonderful place to shop, with the cutest t-shirts and messages that support the cause that people matter!
  • Have you ever wanted to play your women card? Well with Jess’s gift, now you can!
  • In case you wanna color while you’re podcasting…and who doesn’t want that
  • The Podcast Planner! Best present for everyone!!!
  • Elsie found a women lifting their voice scarf and she had to buy it!!!
  • In case you are looking to track your sleep and relax get Kokoon
  • Elsie doesn’t want to be a conductor for things
  • Gadgetify for the hardest people to shop for ever!
  • Podcasters do have some cool stores, Elsie loves The Mac Power Users and Joyful Courage!
  • The problem with having to send thing in the mail
  • Jess wants a Cafe Press for jewelry
  • Jess did say this “I hate local things”
  • How do you make washi tape
  • And we end up with a lovely discussion about essential oils
  • What did the ladies buy for themselves on Black Friday?
  • A chat about DNA
  • Re-decorating your office and tons of fun stuff for making videos!!!

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!

Jess’s List

Elsie’s List

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