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Why are soooooo many November things happening? Movember, National Podcast Month, etc 😳 Well, Team She Podcasts goes all in, discussing 30 day challenges of all sizes and shapes 😜 John and Elsie then go into the weeds around all things testing Ringr

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Starting off and digging right into Movember and what it’s for!
  • There’s also Hello, November?
  • “We should start Yovember”
  • There are some really nice, simply, inspiring things in November ☺️
  • Isaac is in the house!
  • Discussion of National Podcast Month, when you record and publish an episode EVERY DAY
  • “You’re my audioboo, Elsie”
  • Jen Edds is doing some amazing stuff for podcasting for the month of November!
  • John decides, on the show, to participate on National Podcast Month!
  • Diving into shownotes!
  • We bet you had no idea that diving into shownotes would be this in depth
    • This one is for parents and kids!
    • John shares about Two Girls, One Podcast
  • 38:21 TOOL TIPS
    • John and Elsie tested out Ringr with Shawn Smith The Mobile Pro
    • An in depth debrief and behind the scenes of our experience with Ringr and why it’s a great tool to have in your pocket

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