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What happens when a She Podcaster has a sick toddler and is sick herself? She still records! With the toddler in the room. That’s commitment people! And even with the mighty Isaac in the room Jess and Elsie still manage to pass on some killer insight on all things preparing your show for advertisers, discussing 60 db and the cool new podcast app called CastBox, Dirty John, podcast telenovelas and more!

Elsie also shares that The E-League Winter Session applications are open, and only open until November 3! Don’t delay if you want to apply! elsieescobar.com/eleague

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • It’s colds all around, and Jess is recording with Isaac in the room!
  • The weirdness of recording with Elsie’s other co-host
  • There are times when podcasters aren’t the best sales people – from zero to super famous spokespeople 😳
  • Amazing tips from Jess, Elsie and John about how to start preparing your podcast for advertisers
  • Jess goes into her experience at NAB
  • 17:38 NEWS
    • Google acquires 60 db, and there you have it!
    • Elsie says that Google isn’t really banking on 60 db as is but acquihiring the team – they want the developers
    • You guys, have you used CastBox? It’s super cool! Great search results!
    • Elsie’s Apple Podcasts update! This time, it’s all about search and it SUCKS
    • And she talks even more about search in Apple Podcasts
    • All this plus Mr. Potato pieces being thrown at Jess, not by Elsie
    • Dirty John, an interesting podcast, not Elsie’s favorite
    • Jess “But it’s the rent tho”
    • What the Dirty John team plus the LA Times did to drive newsletter sign ups.
    • Breaking down what it really takes to drive email newsletter subscribers and when you can measure whether or not the sign ups actually affected the bottom line
    • What do you think? Longer episodes??? We got a review all about it!
    • Of course Elsie does not recall Weird Science
    • Shout out! Which She Podcasters out there watched Muchachitas way back in the day? #LatinaQuestions
    • Elsie wasn’t impressed by Celestial Blood. Bummer. So wanted to like it
    • OMGosh, Isaac 😪 Poor baby #AccidentsWhileRecording
    • You can listen to podcasts via Siri! Ask Siri to play your podcast
    • Unexpected screams

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