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158 Stand Up and Fight

158 Stand Up and Fight

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Elsie makes a very very controversial decision in not allowing a specific person into the She Podcasts group. We try to unpack why she did it, what triggered her and how we can learn from this. It gets very charged. And there’s some crying 😢 OMG…When do we stop giving people a pass?

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Elsie is highly emotional and OMG she made a tumultuous decision
  • When you are emotionally charged, don’t be a group moderator
  • Should we judge people based on the groups that they belong to?
  • The bottom line, why Elsie chose what she chose: she’s done giving people a pass
  • When it’s the time to stop making excuses for people and their behavior?
  • OMG, Elsie cries 😢
  • John gets into the conversation
  • When things haven’t been working, you change the conversation. May we try to change the conversation

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Elsie Escobar


  1. Angela Johnson

    Hey there…I really loved the discussion, but one little correction of fact. Pedophilia is basically a sexual orientation (in other words, you don’t necessarily pick that you are sexually attracted to children). In and of itself is NOT illegal (you have sexual desires toward anyone or anything as long as it stays in your own mind). However, acting on it with a child IS against the law. So actually, if a group of people who identified as pedophiles wanted to raise awareness that you can have these interests and NOT ACT ON THEM (there are such groups by the way, including young people who are struggling with the fact that this is their desire and they don’t ever want to act on it). If you are interested in learning about this or anything related to sexual offending, I am a forensic psychologist who specializes in doing risk assessments of those who are determined to be sexually dangerous because of their behavior. And I have a podcast Chasing the Mind. And I am part of your FB group (AND I LOVE IT!).

    • Elsie Escobar

      Oh wow! Angela! Thanks so much for your insight. It is very much appreciated!


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