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If you don’t laugh out loud in this episode, you are a zombie. The Elsie and Jess personalities shine and bring a delightful mix of insight, truth, introspection and of course a podcasting discussion like only they can bring. What’s the convo about? Patent trolls, ethics, Lightning McQueen, Mike Rowe, and Jess teaches Elsie all about See You Next Tuesday — but the highlight, Jessica’s Pet Peeve is Elsie 😳

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Jess shares the fanciness of her accomplishments of the IAB webinar bundle on advertising she’s been doing!
  • Talking to yourself during webinars is hard – and not as fun
  • Some advice on how to charge for outsourcing your expertise for a project
  • Round up, roast and re-cap!!! You guys need to attend!
  • 11:41 NEWS
    • Catch up on all things Patent Troll and how he lost his whole desire to patent podcasting
    • Ethics involving Lance Armstrong, the cycling industry, podcasting and sponsors
    • “Lighting McQueen didn’t cheat” and more wisdom from animated features
    • Disney will take their content away from Netflix! Why people, why?
    • How does the Disney, mirror issues with podcasters?
    • David Letterman is coming back…to Netflix!
    • We discuss Mike Rowe and all the stuff he said about iTunes rankings and stuff and his voice – ooooh – so nice
    • We discuss Very Bad Words and the episode all around the C-word
    • Jessica teaches Elsie about see you next Tuesday and it takes a really loooong time for Elsie to ‘get it’
    • Discussion of the power of words and when they change from positive or neutral to negative
    • Jess is a naming GENIUS
  • 60:29 TOOL TIPS
    • Some new updates to the app Anchor that could possibly help with your podcast marketing
  • 65:33 PET PEEVES
    • Jessica goes off! LIVE CALLING OUT OF ELSIE! Elsie gets pet-peeved
    • “All of a sudden, it’s over!” #SelfInvolved
    • OMG Elsie is Rob’s Jessica!

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