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This episode is a tapestry of personal insight and opinion layered by in depth conversations about podcasting workflows, cool new marketing tools and everything from talkative jews to control freaks to the powerful conclusion of Jess’s Pet Peeves, this time about Debbie Downers.

Yap. It’s all in there! Dive in and let us know your thoughts!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Being quiet, especially for 5 seconds is HARD, plus never tell Jess to shut up
  • Don’t ever ask Jess to whisper #ShePodcastsMythology
  • Stories of Jess and Elsie going to holy places and have to be quiet 😜
  • The ladies talk shop, and you get an insight into MORE Jess and Elsie ‘dynamic’ 😂 #defensiveanyone #controlfreakmaybe
  • And we add John to the equation #SuchASaint
  • Why Elsie loves Markdown, and she’s off in the weeds
  • The She Podcasts Podcast Movement meet-up!
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  • News! Brought to you by our 😍Patreons😍
    • The mother of all wifi!
    • You guys, the MP3 is not dead!
    • God bless listen more, listen indie, most awesome thing ever, go Bella Collective!!!
    • The Start-Up pilot officially picked up, what do we think people?
  • Weird and Wild Show of The Week
    • Wow in the World! NPR’s first programming for kids, in podcast form
    • Elsie goes off a bit on the awesomeness which are the old school indie podcasters
    • Elsie and Jess try to make up stories 🙄
    • And then talk about John and the talkative jews
    • Visiting the Brand X studios
  • Elsie’s Tool Tips
    • Instagram filters! Elsie is once again SUPER excited about Instagram
    • Every body is freaking out about Auphonic Audiograms!
  • Jessica’s Pet Peeves
    • Jess goes off on the Debbie Downers of the world…or those of you coming down on us to be good people all the time 😒
    • And she makes Elsie lose it 😂😂😂 about sewing pants

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