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The beginning of this podcast is some POWERFUL CONVERSATION.😳 Important. Intimate. Therapeutic? You make the choice.

Discussing everything that has to do with Ivanka Trump wanting to podcast, to what we are going to do about The Podcast Awards, a super cool song for all She Podcasters! YouTube having an Adtopolypse and another ranty rant from Jess this time about the whine of The Podcaster “selling to my audience inconveniences them” Time to LISTEN!!!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Diving right in to therapy talk! Jessica style
  • Dealing with SPACE to feel 😕
  • How Elsie handled having the feels
  • Some real chat about feelings between friends
  • NEWS
    • Ivanka Trump wanted to have a podcast peeps, but alas
    • You know who makes some podcasts succeed? CONSTANT MAIN STREAM MEDIA COVERAGE 😳
    • The latest about Podcast Movement!
    • If you have a session at Podcast Movement send us your 30–60 second promo!
  • Jen Edds is in the HOOOOUUUUSEEE – the coolest song ever!
  • You guys, there’s a YouTubeAdpocalypse!
  • Elsie shares a story about her goofy podcast gear video
  • A cautionary tale from Jessica about podcast sponsorship rates
  • The Podcast Awards are heeeere!!!!
    • OMG the best podcast ever!!! So inventive!!!
    • The fun new Echo Show
    • Oh the complaints from podcasters that are scared or concerned their audience will hate them if they mention they have stuff to sell!
    • Are you ok hiding solutions from your audience?

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