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139 Comas, Sex and Planetary Crap

139 Comas, Sex and Planetary Crap

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After almost quitting recording this podcast, we did push through for you guys. We touch on the troubles we had recording plus chat about our past interview fails. We bring ourselves out of the grumps by chatting about Elsie’s grammar woes, involving comas, commas and executions. There are some really interesting new podcasts coming out which Jess feels make Elsie very uncomfortable to talk about, we dive into how the planets might be responsible for all the chaos we’ve been feeling, plus a call to arms from Elsie to make your own analysis about podcasting data!

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • The She Podcasts had serious issues recording this podcasts and it sucks
  • Sharing podcast interview horror stories
  • Why don’t we make fun of Elsie, is she really executing people?
  • More of Elsie’s grammar stories
  • Jess shares all kinds of very problematic typos in history
  • Podcasting news
    • You guys need to attend the Satellite Sisters live event in Santa Monica!
    • It seems that the S-Town people have no qualms about their little town
    • All, if you use that use the Libsyn native blog you must move it to the new Podcast Page by May 1
    • You guys, The Podcast Consumer by Edison is going live on April 18!
    • Elsie’s call to arms for you to watch The Podcast Consumer yourself and make your own decisions about the industry!
    • Starbucks has a new iMessage app and how that applies to podcasting
    • Bernie Sanders has a podcast! And Elsie’s take on it
  • Weird and Wild Show of The Week
    • The Future of Sex
    • “Do not grip it like a baseball bat”
    • No Talking in The Library
  • Jessica’s Pet Peeves
    • Planetary crap
    • Content Samurai
  • You guys! The E-League! Apply today!

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Elsie Escobar


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