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We just got back from being with each other face to face for 3 days! And we miss each other terribly already. Boo. BUT we also break down our trip very throughly and take you into Podfest, and what we thought, Podfusion and how that all worked out, the She Podcasts awards and how they were created plus, we absolutely get into some podcasting news and all kinds of podcasting related conversation!

You guys have to stick around for Jess’s pet peeve about re-launching your podcast just to get into New and Noteworthy because that practice just needs to stop!

Super Quick Re-cap!

  • We do miss each other
  • Podfest re-cap
    • Jess and Daniel like the same type of sandwiches
    • Accessible for all, educational, action taking and fun!
    • Podfusion re-cap: interactivity, what’s the verdict people, love it or hate it?
    • The She Podcasts Awards
    • Fun in Orlando?
    • A podcast host is like a car
  • The News! Brought to you CastPlus
    • Spotify is creating some cool podcasts
    • Forbes is giving it a go again, this time with Jordan Harbinger
    • Guess what? Listening to murder podcasts could be good for your mental health
    • Jess’s head becomes full of obsessive murder stuff so she can’t deal with that stuff
  • Tool Tips! Brought to you by Podcast Websites
    • The hashtag TryPod initiative to get more peeps to listen to podcasts
  • Weird and Wild Show of The Week! Sponsored by Team Podcast
    • The No Sleep podcast to help you NOT go to sleep!
    • How cool is it that a sub-reddit was the inspiration for this podcast and now he’s making a living at it!
  • Jessica’s Pet Peeves! Brought to you by Happiness Mama
    • More screaming about the above
    • Stop it

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